About us

About us

    Fushun Electric Porcelain Manufacturing Co., Ltd which covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, with total assets of 360 million yuan, is the domestic for high-end porcelain and arrester manufacturing and scientific research base. In 2012 ,we were recognized as a national high-tech enterprises, the production of extra high voltage, high strength porcelain, arrester series products have reached the international advanced level.


    The company has 3 production factories, porcelain annual production capacity of up to 20 thousand tons, with two kinds of dry and wet pressing process, the dry isostatic pressing process for the introduction is he first domestic; wet inorganic bonding manufacturing technology for large porcelain hollow insulator, for domestic initiative. Lightning arrester annual production capacity of more than 50 thousand EAs, Zinc Oxide resistance production capacity of 1500 tons, using the Hitachi production technology, and the resistance properties is excellent.   


Post insulator and AC 1000kV surge arrester, which our company developed was successful operation in China's first UHV demonstration project and expansion project in 2009; ± 800kV post insulator in China's first Xiangjiaba - Shanghai project in the safe operation in 2010, for the DC field ,all the post insulator were manufacturedfrom our company, representing the highest the level in the industry.  

FC brand products are widely used in the large national key construction and renovation project, Gezhouba Dam project, the Three Gorges project, Lingbao Converter Station project, 400kV project, 660kV East Ningxia Qinghai Tibet DC DC power transmission project, engineering, northwest of 750kV + 800kV to engineering, engineering, Shao Ling Ximeng - Taizhou, Brazil beautiful mountain II engineering; DC 1100kV Changji Guquan engineering; 1000kV UHV AC demonstration and extension project, Anhui power transmission engineering, Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai, Zhejiang - Fuzhou, West Inner Mongolia - South Tianjin, Yu Wang - Weifang project to provide a large number of insulators and surge arrester products; also exported to Russia, the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, Africa, Southeast Asia and other more than and 20 countries and regions.

Fushun Electric Porcelain Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a strong technical strength and modern management level of high-tech enterprises. Fushun Electric Porcelain will uphold the fine tradition of centuries, and constantly forge ahead, will be to ask the porcelain products made products, will be made to FC as a famous brand, in order to return the user, return to society.

The main products as follows:

 35 ~ 1000kV porcelain housing metal oxide surge arrester;

 6-220kV composite housing Zinc Oxide surge arrester

 66 ~ 1000kV composite surge metal oxide surge arrester;

 ±400 ~ ± 1100kV DC Zinc Oxide surge arrester;

 110 ~ 500kV composite housing line surge arrester;

 110 ~ 500kV tank type metal oxide surge arrester;

 10 ~ 1000kV high strength porcelain post insulator;

 ±400~±1100kV±400 ~ ±1100kV and the following kinds of DC post insulator;;

 62.5 ~ 1000kV high strength porcelain hollow insulator.