Research development

Research development

The company through the independent research and development, in the ultra-high pressure, UHV AC and DC product development achieved a major breakthrough and formation of engineering technology transformation, transformation rate of more than 70%, years of new product transfer projects in more than 4, to create a huge economic benefits for the company, products for the China State Grid Corp, Power Grid Corp and other units to form the south a systematic, complete, engineering. Developed a world leading level of 1000kV UHV arrester, 1020kV UHVDC bar strut porcelain insulator 

In 2007,we had wined a bid of 25 pcs "1000kV post insulator" in State Grid Jindongnan—Nanyang-Jingmen AC 1000kV pilot project, which Nanyang switching station post insulator is 18 pcs, 7 pcs at Southeast Shanxi substation;

In 2007, completed the test for 13 EAs arresters in the demonstration project Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC 1000kV UHV expansion project 12 EAs of high performance 500kV arrester;

In 2008 March, completed 10 pcs post insulator for Changsha switch factory 1000kV produced by tasking switch grounding;

In 2008 September,Finished 22 varieties of design, production tasks for ABB company at Xiangjiaba--Shanghai 800kV UHVDC transmission project.

In 2009 April, Pass all ABB witness test, and delivery of all at the end of the year, and was included in the ABB lists of qualified suppliers.

In 2011 March, wined the State Grid Qinghai Golmud -- Tibet Lhasa ± 400kV DC transmission project, in the station, all DC post insulators are the products of our company, have now been delivered;

In 2011 April, undertaken the Nanyang UHV expansion project in switch station extension 114 pcs 1000kV post insulators, 6 times of sampling test was carried out at the national grid of UHV DC test base and all through, had been delivered for using;

In 2011 August, completed for Hunan Changgao high voltage switchgear group Limited by Share Ltd 34 pcs 1000kV grounding switch tasks making post insulators, and delivered;

In 2011 August, Wined 50 pcs "Jinping ~ South of Jiangsu ± 800kV DC transmission project" with the flat wave reactor porcelain post insulator, in 2012 January passed the type test and sample product, has been delivered for using.

In 2011 September, undertaken the Shandong taikai disconnectors Co Ltd 5 pcs of ± 500kV DC rod porcelain insulator and the 10 pcs of ± 1120kV DC bar strut porcelain insulator, now all completion of delivery of the goods;

Again in 2012 to undertake a China State Grid Corp Anhui to East power transfers project 13 EAs 1000kV UHV arrester manufacturing tasks.

The company has become one of the main suppliers of national grid of UHV construction.

In addition, the company 550kV porcelain hollow insulator for circuit breaker ± 800kV DC EHV arresters, integrated circuit breaker porcelain hollow insulators are in the same industry leading level. Batch supply USA, Russia, Spain, Japan, South Korea and the domestic switch, transformer and other manufacturers, to obtain the user's praise. We are one of the domestic large-scale electric porcelain manufacturing enterprises.